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Health, wellness, and chronic pain coaching.

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Growing? Recovering? Just Living?
We’re with you every step of the way.

Psystem is empathetic, inclusive, trauma-informed, anti-racist, 2SLGBTQ affirming, adaptive & client-centred. We root our approach to care in a balance of evidence-based practices fused with lived experience to create an experience centered around you.

Feel free to book a 30-minute chat with one of our coaches to ask any questions you have! It’s quick and free.

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What kind of space
will you find?

Psystem does...

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Health & Wellness Coaching

for people who want to define their new normal, and take actionable steps towards getting there.

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Chronic Pain Management

for people who want to address the physical and emotional drivers of chronic pain.

Sun Blob

for people who want to develop and maintain practices that foster  mental wellness in life.

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We get to know your story—
then carve you a unique path forward.

Do you ever feel like the person on the other side of the room hasn’t really taken the time to understand you? Or that you’re just digging your heels deeper into the way things are—without anybody to help you find a way forward? You’ll never feel that way at Psystem.

We harness your unique circumstances, neuroplasticity, and evidence-based practices to help you heal forward.

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Why coaching, not counselling?

…if you want guidance in setting & achieving goals
…if you need help recognizing unhelpful thought patterns and lifestyle patterns
…if you want to find tools & supports for building a new lifestyle
…if you want to focus on moving forward in life
…if you are looking for an action-oriented approach
…if you want support that is tailored to your life and your needs

(it's free, and only 30 minutes)

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Health is too important to navigate alone.

We’ll be with you for every morning that was harder than the last, for every life-altering decision about your treatment, and every moment of joy that comes with feeling healthy again.

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