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Ease Your Worries

Organize your health notes and information in one place for your next check-up.

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Stress Relief Toolkit

Explore a diverse toolkit for stress management and enhanced pain regulation.

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Community Support

Connect, manage, and thrive with community support for stress and pain relief. Life is better together.

The App made just for You

Access a variety of resources, from meditation tools to self-care journaling practices, within our intuitive app designed to support your health and wellness journey.

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Courses backed by Research

Dive into structured learning programs within our app, providing you actionable steps towards building resilience, managing stress, and enhancing your health and well-being.

1-on-1 Coaching

Receive personalized support and accountability from experienced coaches to help you develop personalized strategies for overcoming challenges and achieving your goals.

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Testimonial from Jess (they/them): I could be honest about my challenges and didn't feel judged. As a result, we came up with some really creative strategies that worked with my ADHD, mental health, and chronic pain needs.
Testimonial from Raychel: My experience has been both a liberating and rewarding experience. I was treated with care, kindness, and respect for each session; I also got an environment that was safe and non-judgmental.
Testimonial from Darren: Bonnie is the best possible balance of positive, motivating, appropriately critical, and practical. She also balances dispassionate data and analysis with personal connection and genuine empathy. She is gifted in this role, and a huge asset to this program.
Testimonial from Cindy: Thanks so much, Bonnie, for being an awesome coach! You definitely helped me! I'm glad I got to show you the wheels!! You helped me push myself and 'earn' them!
Testimonial from Markus: Bonnie listened with compassion, without judgment, and made me feel validated. I can't thank her enough. It was certainly time well spent.
Testimonial from Courtney: Thought and soul-provoking! Bonnie provided me with a safe space to share my feelings and move through my anxiety.
Testimonial from Eileen: Truly grateful for the referral from another business to guide me here. I had a discovery call with Bonnie. This is the start of my new journey. I can't wait to get started on the spiritual path I have wanted for a while. Let's do this!
Testimonial from Shannon: Bonnie was exactly the coach voice that I needed to overcome aspects of my social anxiety and to give me a push in the right direction to maintain my progress. She is very client-centered, and cares deeply about people
Testimonial from Kirsten: In her care, she gave me the tools that helped guide me back into the light and kept me moving forward. I found that my time with Bonnie was invaluable as she taught me how to find the self-love and self-compassion I desparately needed.
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About Psystem’s Coaches

Our Board Certified Coaches (BCC) offer personalized guidance tailored to your unique needs, empowering you to achieve lasting positive change in your mental well-being.

Set and achieve wellness goals, learn about wellness and health, access helpful education resources, find a wellness community, pursue self improvement, learn from others like you.

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PsyHealth App

The ultimate all-in-one health & wellness tool.
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Easy, digestible, self-paced education with purposeful activities.
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Achieve your wellness goals with an accredited, board certified coach!
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Join a group of health and wellness individuals on a similar journey to a pain-free tomorrow.
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Start your journey to relief and renewal with PsyHealth for personalized plans, mood tracking, and expert coaching tailored just for you.

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