Commit to your team’s support
and growth – through coaching.

Wellness makes all the difference when it comes to culture, commitment, and retention. Invest in wellness that moves teams forward.

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Health and wellness with forward momentum.

Health and Wellness coaching promotes wellness through goal-setting, reflection, support, and accountability.

Coaching has shown to:

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Reduce absenteeism and turnover rates.

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Help employees manage chronic pain, illness, and stress.

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Increase engagement, productivity, and morale.

Bring us on to assist your staff with moving through…

‣ Life stress that is impacting work satisfaction and performance 
‣ Transitions (retirement, layoffs, big company changes)
‣ Workplace injuries and preventative health (we specialize in Chronic Pain Management)
‣ Workplace stress
‣ Pandemic fatigue in the workplace

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Why access a Health & Wellness Coach?

‣ Bring us in-house (e.g., weekly or monthly in-house or virtual appointments) 
‣ Allot each employee a certain number of sessions they can arrange themselves
‣ Do you have a health and wellness spending account program for your
  employees? Refer your staff to use Health & Wellness Spending Account
  insurance towards our coaching services.
‣ Prepay for sessions in bulk and get a discounted rate

Seminars or Lunch and Learns


• Awareness and strategies towards
  managing mental health
• Managing stress and other mental health
• Exploring the mind body connection
• Developing self-care strategies
• The art of mindfulness
• Hacking shame’s influence on creativity
• Reducing employee burnout
• Health & safety in the workplace
• And more…

Corporate Wellness Services

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• Critical incident support (individual +  
• Wellness strategy and policy consultations
• Organization specific wellness resource
• Occupational health & safety assessment
  and protocol development
• Leadership training on facilitating wellness
  within the workplace
• And more…

Offerings and pricing:

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