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PsyHealth helps you conquer your health and wellness by guiding you to create structure and develop skills to handle the pieces that life throws at you. We aim to simplify your journey by removing the cognitive work of managing health and wellness.

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What is it?

PsyHealth is your go-to tool to begin your chronic pain-free wellness journey.
From tracking, reminding to sharings insights about your well-being, PsyHealth also supports your healing experience wherever you are with guided Toolkit Functions, long-lasting Habit Building Practices, and Journaling & Habit Reminders.

What are the perks?

  • Voting and suggesting new features
  • Shape the direction of developments
  • Direct input with the development team
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Try PsyHealth (Beta) now — it's FREE!

Get PsyHealth (Beta) now on Google Play to continue your wellness journey with Psystem.

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Benefits of using PsyHealth

Our main goal is to bring health and wellness into your everyday life. Our app is designed to meet every need you have to truly build your wellness and improve your life. Even if you ever falter, we hope to make it easy to rebuild wellness into your life.

Building Wellness Into Your Life

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Our intuitive and easy to use tools will lower the cognitive barrier of taking action. The toolkit we provide is designed to make it as easy as possible to keep you chasing your goals while never losing sight of the big picture.

Tools to Keep You on Track

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Our wellness programs are designed based on evidence, theory, and live experience. Our programs provide a combination of education and activities to help create clear structure for you to follow and take actionable steps towards your goals and make an impact in your life.

Streamlined Wellness Programs

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Our Health & Wellness Coaches will be with you, supporting you every step of the way. Truly caring about you and wanting you to grow towards your goals. This is supported through easy and direct messaging as well as customizable scheduling to fit your needs.

Removes Feeling of Isolation

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Stress and pain are everywhere, but we have built the tools to help you manage and reduce these negatives. We do this by teaching you techniques and approaches to deal with stress and pain as it arises in your life.

Stress and Pain Reduction

Stress Reduction

Top 5 PsyHealth Features

Habit Building

No matter what metric you want to track, we aim to enable you towards setting and acheiving your goals. Looking to track and build awareness around your pain? Water intake? Gratitude? Daily practices? Whatever it is, we invite you to track and grow in the way that you want.

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Journaling & Reminders

Our intuitive journaling function will allow you to reflect on everything happening in your day, whether you are reflecting on the day or a session with your health care practitioner, you will be able to keep track of everything. Worried about missing an appointment? Our reminders function will help you keep track of your time with our intuitive and feature rich scheduler.

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ToolKit Functions

Our vast toolkit contains everything you will need along your journey to health and wellness. Including breathwork, body scanning, clearing mind blocks, and tools to handle pain flares. Lotus breathing and sound meditation will help you in your journey with more functions coming soon.

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My Health Record

Our platform provides the ability to manage your health profile all in one location. Document conditions, treatments, test results, health care providers and medications so you don’t have to remember. There is also quick access to creating a new appointment note on the fly.

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Build Your Community

Grow your community; either through meeting new friends who understand what you are going through or invite old ones. Either way you can connect with others to share goals and cheer each other on throughout your adventures.

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Data Privacy

We Care About Protecting Your Data

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While other companies chase money, we chase trust with our customers to improve your life. Protecting your data is the first step toward building trust.

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We vow to secure your data through not sharing nor selling any data to third party vendors while enforcing high quality security across the company.

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We only collect the data you share with us. When you download and use our app, we don’t listen to you through your phone (unless it’s coaching session) because we value your privacy.

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