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What is a Health & Wellness Coach?

Health & Wellness Coaches are experts trained to partner with you in mobilizing your personal strengths and resources to work towards sustainable, healthy behavioural changes.

As the client, you are the expert about your health and your coach is the supportive guide.

Meet our Coaches

Your coach will...

  • Deeply listen and provide insight.
  • Facilitate accountability and movement.
  • Share tools and resources.
  • Create a sense of safety and support.
  • Build a supportive environment.

So You can...

  • Focus on yourself & what is important to you.
  • Have space to express and explore your experiences.
  • Achieve realistic goals, actions, or homework.
  • Start moving in the direction you want.
  • Have a place to fall when your journey gets tough.
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Why Psystem?

Psystem is a group of people who want to get to know you. We are a team and a community, bonded through stories and a passion for positive change.

We want to make wellness accessible to everyone who needs care as we believe it's essential for all of us.

As your guide, Psystem coaches can help you by…

Words from Psystem’s Founder, Andrew Hartman.

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Trained & board-certified Health & Wellness Coaches

During the session you and the coach get to learn more about each other and see if coaching can aid you with your wellness needs.

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We just ‘get’ it!

Psystem coaches are equipped with phenomenal listening skills paired with lived experiences. If there’s one thing we can guarantee, it's that you will leave feeling heard.

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You get a ‘digital care home’

We use Healthie to provide a unique experience that puts you at the steering wheel of your care.

Life Beyond Chronic Pain

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Webinars: Life Beyond Chronic Pain


Learn how chronic pain works in the body, how to avoid triggers and aggravators, and discover the most effective tools you can use to treat chronic pain. Complete activities to better understand how chronic pain affects you. All informed by the latest research.

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Toolkit: Life Beyond Chronic Pain


We created a free digital workbook to go along with the webinar! Packed with activities and exercises to go along with the webinar learnings, it's designed so that you can keep coming back to your toolkit when you need a refresher on the webinar or just want to review the material.

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Educational Pathways


Easy, digestible education alongside purposeful activities and tools to help you build wellness into your life. Discover synthesized education modules on wellness topics, activities to create change in your life, and a complementary workbook through our virtual wellness platform over 6 to 8 weeks.

Discover more Pathways
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Blog: About Life, Pain, and Thriving


Read the stories from those who have been there in our Wellness Blog. Discover Psystem’s community and ways that others have tried to cope with chronic pain. Embrace the experiences and morals we share through our stories to live more comfortably now.

Read Wellness Blog

Discover... PsyHealth

PsyHealth is your all-in-one health and wellness tool.

Our mobile application platform will help you conquer your health and wellness by helping you create structure and develop skills to handle the pieces that life throws at you.

We aim to simplify your journey by removing the cognitive work of managing health and wellness.

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Support your team's growth
— through coaching

Wellness makes all the difference when it comes to culture, commitment, and retention. Invest in wellness that moves teams forward.

Corporate Wellness

We offer a range of seminars and services including:

  • Reducing employee burnout
  • Health & safety in the workplace
  • Wellness strategy and policy consultations
  • Occupational health & safety assessment and protocol development
  • Leadership training on facilitating wellness within the workplace
  • And more…
Learn more

Program Evaluation

Psystem offers rigorous and people-centred program evaluations. Our program evaluations provide clarity on how your programs are operating, impacting people, and needing to evolve.

Our team works with grassroots, local, provincial, and national agencies to create an evaluation design that are as unique as they are and answers the questions they are asking.

We are trained in various evaluation types including: 

  • Needs assessment
  • Formative evaluation and summative
  • Program logic modeling
  • Developmental evaluation
  • Realist evaluation
  • And more…
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