Mental Hygiene

We will work with you developing the steps you want to take forward, and support you when taking those steps gets hard. We work with you in a non-judgmental and safe space where you can work towards improving your mental wellness practices.


What is Mental Hygiene?

Mental Hygiene focuses on directing intentional efforts towards building healthy mental wellness practices. Rather than working reactively, mental hygiene takes a proactive approach to taking care of your mental wellness.

Benefits of Mental Hygiene:

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Build healthy mental wellness practices.

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Gain insight on what chronic pain is and how it works.

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Learn new skills to better handle chronic pain

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Gain balance and a new perspective on chronic pain

Why work on your Mental Hygiene?

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Life can be stressful and impact your overall daily life. Maybe you get anxious or depressed at times, but don't have a full on disorder.

A coach can work with you on your Mental Hygiene to build healthy practices and coping strategies to improve your mental wellness in your day-to-day.

There are ample ways a coach can guide you throughout your healing journey.

A few examples include the following:

  • Build your coping strategies and ability to self regulate your body.
  • Work through thinking traps and other unhelpful thinking patterns that impact your daily life.
  • Reduce feeling overwhelmed with starting new activities
  • Set health goals related to your mental wellness and make sustainable progress
  • Gain support and structure in creating your ideal life
  • And more...

Interested to learn more? Book a discovery call to get started.

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I could be honest about my challenges and didn't feel judged. As a result, we came up with some really creative strategies that worked with my ADHD, mental health, and chronic pain needs.

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I started seeing Andrew from Psystem in May and I highly recommend this company! Andrew has been wonderfully supportive. They are easy going and lovely to talk to. I look forward to my next coaching session!

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Truly grateful for the referral from another business to guide me here. I had a discovery call with Bonnie. This is the start of my new journey. I can’t wait to get started on the spiritual path I have wanted for awhile. Let’s do this!

Get started in 3 steps:

What should users know about these 3 steps to get started with improving your Mental Hygiene?

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Book a Discovery session

During the session you and the coach get to learn more about each other and see if coaching can aid you with your wellness needs.

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Register Free PsyHealth Account

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Onboard the PsyHealth App

Our platform will guide you through the onboarding steps of your Welcome Package, completing your Intake Form, and reviewing the Digital Intake Coaching Agreement.

Begin your healing journey

Not ready to commit fully? No worries.

Set up a free discovery call with one of our coaches to discuss how coaching can help you.

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