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We are informed

Our approach to coaching is unique, and rooted in research. Our founder has done pioneering research on the relationship between shame, trauma, and healing. Our approach is based on their award winning work.

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We are experienced

We work with communities that we understand, and help solve problems that we’ve lived ourselves. When you talk to someone at Psystem, you’re talking to someone who’s sitting right beside you—they’re not on the other side of the looking glass.

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We focus on humanity

Life is hard. Pain is hard. Trauma is hard. We’re never going to tell you it’s not. Instead, we’re going to look forward with you. Psystem is about moving forward, alongside a person who cares deeply about your success.

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We are accessible

Psystem is an accessible trauma-informed, anti-racist, 2SLGBTQ affirming space that helps facilitate positive change and goal achievement for everyone. We hope you feel comfortable with us, and we’ll do everything in our power to make that happen.

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What is Coaching?

Health and wellness coaches at Psystem work with clients one on one and in group settings with the same overall intention: helping clients lead healthy lifestyles and accomplish their health goals.

The experience of working with a wellness coach is collaborative as the coach provides a personalized and integrated approach to health and the client can explore this approach with a supportive and motivating guide.

Psystem approaches coaching in three ways: Health & Wellness Coaching, Chronic Pain Management, and Mental Hygiene.

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Health & Wellness Coaching

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We walk beside you in achieving the desired change you want or need in your life.

What does health and wellness look like to you? We want to help you answer that question. We work with you in a non-judgemental and safe space where you can identify what health looks like for you.

We will work with you developing the steps you want to take forward, and support you when taking those steps gets hard. Or maybe you need help adapting to the emotional reality of long-term health issues. Health, and care, are our priorities here at Psystem.

Chronic Pain Management

We want to help you learn that role that chronic pain plays in your life.

Based on our own experiences with chronic pain and the years of training we’ve completed, we know that there is a before and an after to adjust to when develop chronic pain.

We’re focused on supplying some of the tools you need to settle into your new lifestyle. Whether it’s emotional adaptation, managing wellness with work, or navigating how chronic pain impacts your relationships—we can be by your side while you continue on or find your new path.

We understand, because we’ve been there ourselves. We’re not going to de-value your experience or tell you it’s all going to be easy from here on out. We’re going to work to understand and help you find unique solutions based on a shared understanding of your circumstances.

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Mental Hygiene

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We want to support your emotional and mental well-being.

We’ll provide you a safe space to talk openly about your emotional well-being and improving your mental ‘health’. We’ll work with you one-on-one to be the practical support you need to help you sort out your thoughts. This will look different for everyone.

Sometimes it means focusing on understanding, processing, and reframing emotions. The thread that will tie these things together is a unique approach to coaching that centers you. We’ll provide the space, resources, and support you need on your path of mental wellness.*

How it works


Book a discovery session with your potential Psystem coach.

During the session you and the coach get to learn more about each other and see if coaching can aid you with your wellness needs.


Ready to start coaching? Register your free Healthie account.

The PsyHealth App is your digital care home where you can book sessions, access resources, message your coach, and more.


Once you signed into Healthie our platform will guide you through the onboarding steps:

1. Read your Welcome Package
2. Complete your Intake Form
3. Sign the digital Intake Coaching Agreement


Book & Connect
Book and attend your coaching session through the PsyHealth App to establish your needs, direction, and begin to take your first steps towards wellness.

Leave sessions with new insights and clear action plans, all catered specifically to you. Within the first session, you and the coach will outline your individual coaching agreement that includes session frequency and rates based on your needs, coverage, and financial capacity.


Continue booking and meeting with your coach through the PsyHealth App based on your goals and needs.

Moving forward, you will continue to schedule and attend your session through your digital care home. If you have questions at any point you can message your coach through the PsyHealth App.
*Coaching should not be used as a replacement for clinical therapy from a proper qualified professional. Coaches cannot diagnose or offer treatments such as medications. Our coaches are trained to work with individuals shortly after feeling unwell, but long before clinical interventions are necessary, which is referred to the sub-clinical gap.  
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