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Is coaching a
legitimate practice?

This can be a common concern, and the short answer is yes! The larger field of coaching has many different sub fields (e.g., life, business, fitness, nutrition, etc.) each area has different certifications and training, with some not requiring any at all.

As Health & Wellness Coaches, Psystem’s coaches are all trained and either completed, or in the process of completing, their board certification through the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC); created in collaboration with the National Board of Medical Examiners.

The NBHWC board certification provides evidence to the expertise, training, education, assessment standards, and mandatory ongoing professional development required and essential to the profession of health and wellness coaching.

As Health & Wellness Coaches we operate within a scope of practice and code of ethics.

Evidence-based practices around neuroplasticity and mind/body connection

Utilizing behavioural intervention techniques: MI, CBT, SFBT

Our Practice Involves:

Health & Wellness Coaches partner with clients through a client-centered process that facilitates and empowers individuals to develop and progress towards health and wellness related goals. Coaches use theoretical frameworks and evidence-based practices to mobilize clients' internal strengths and external resources that help develop sustainable, healthy, lifestyle behavioural changes.

Coaches see clients as experts in their own life, and through supportive accountability, we empower clients to use their insight, strengths, and actionable steps to propel the client toward their desired healthy lifestyle change

What does health and wellness coaching entail?

Certified Health & Wellness and Pain Management Coaches

The research on Health and Wellness coaching:

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Your patient will:

Expand their
perspective and
explore new insights

Identify strategies that
are no longer working

Create goals and receive
ongoing support and
guidance towards them

Develop more
motivation towards their
health and wellness

Learn to tune in and
listen to their body

Learn pain-management
skills and strategies

Psystem Services

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Heath & Wellness

for people who want to define their new normal, and take actionable steps towards getting there.

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for anyone who wants to develop and maintain practices that foster mental wellness in life.

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Chronic Pain

for people who want to address the physical and emotional drivers of chronic pain.

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The referral process is simple.

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Step 1:

Fill out and submit the
patient referral form.

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Step 3:

We will onboard the patient to our wellness software and schedule our first sessions.

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Step 2:

A Psystem Coach will reach out to connect with the patient and determine their readiness to work with a coach and go over what to expect.

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