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Supported by our donors and Psystem fundraising initiatives.

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What is the Psystem Access Fund?
The Psystem Access Fund was started as part of our social mission to reduce barriers to care. 

We understand that treatment and health care expenses can be quite costly, even in Canada. This cost prevents individuals from having access to services that can fulfill their health and wellness needs. 

Eligible individuals can apply to the Psystem Access Fund to reduce costs towards the necessary Psystem services. The Fund covers a portion of service fees on a sliding scale.
Accessing the Psystem Access Fund
To access the Psystem Access Fund either reach out to us
by email or book a free discovery session to learn more. 
Why Support the Psystem Access Fund?
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5.3 M. Canadians
Reported needing access to to mental health services
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2.3 M. Canadians
Had their needs partially or completely unmet
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2.3 M. Canadians
with chronic pain report their pain is moderate to severe
...there’s clearly a problem, and we want to be a part of the solution.
Psystem strives to create space for those who fall between the gaps of health care system to land safely. 

The program is funded through portions of Psystem profits, fundraising campaigns, and the generous donations from our loving community members. 

Help us reduce barriers to accessing care by donating to this initiative. 
"Without the Psystem Access Fund, I wouldn’t have been able to access the care I needed. I am really impressed at the empathy, friendliness, support and flexibility Psystem offers…

They offer structure and a push to do what needs doing without being pushy or rigid. I highly recommend reaching out to them and do a discovery session to explore how Psystem can help you!"

(Psystem Access Fund Client)

How Can You Support the Psystem Access Fund?
Providing a single or monthly donation by credit card 
Donate here
Providing a single donation directly through e-transfer to:
Raising awareness of the Psystem Access Fund donation link through your social media:
* Psystem is not a registered charity and is unable to provide tax receipts.
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