Chronic Pain Pathway

Goal: Help chronic pain sufferers handle chronic pain in daily life.

The Chronic Pain Pathway includes a series of week long self-guided, science-based activities and exercises that are designed to help you learn, understand, and conquer your chronic pain.

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Average 1-2 hours per week of self-guided content


Heal when you are ready to take the next step

Free Workbook

Track your progress to manage your chronic pain better each day.

What you’ll learn

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The foundations of chronic pain: How chronic pain works, identifying flare triggers, and mapping ways to respond

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How to identify where you currently are in your chornic pain journey and how to map a path forwards

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A range of different chronic pain management strategies and activities to try — so you can find what works for you

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Strategies to navigate your experiences of pain in social situations (e.g., friends, health care providers) and strategies for self-advocacy

Course Content

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Pain & Chronic Pain

Week 1

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The Brain & Pain

Week 2

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Contributors to Our Pain

Week 3

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Finding Your Baseline

Week 4

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Week 5

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Chronic Pain Strategies

Week 6

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Interacting with Others & Self-Advocacy

Week 7

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Understanding the Change Process

Week 8

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About the course

This course is for you if...

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Healthcare providers told you, "There's nothing you can do."

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You want to take action to live a life beyond chronic pain

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You prefer self-guided learning experiences

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You want to live life again (and as soon as possible)

🤗 If you prefer one-on-one guidance, learn more about Coaching and how it can better support your wellness journey.

Meet the Instructor

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Andrew Hartman

Pathway Instructor / Chronic Pain Wellness Coach

Andrew is an agent of change who strives to create new ways of healing and moving through systems. Andrew has over ten years of experience supporting people as a crisis centre operator, vocational advisor, and now as a certified Health & Wellness Coach with specialty in chronic pain. Andrew is trained and certified in a variety of behavioural modification interventions — motivational interviewing, SFBT, strength-based coaching, and empowerment coaching.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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